Sustainability and green skills courses

Sustainability and green skills courses

Sustainability and green skills courses
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Sustainability has been identified as one of the fastest growing industries in the global economy. Many organisations are implementing corporate social responsibility and quadruple bottom line (environmental, social, governance and economic) practices to achieve ecological sustainable development.

As the economy responds to climate change and limited resources, industry sectors are upskilling their existing employees and recruiting new employees with sustainability qualifications and 'Green Skills' – the technical skills and knowledge needed to follow environmental best practices.

'Green Jobs' are being created as new technology is developed in areas such as renewable energy, sustainable water technologies and innovative ways of designing buildings and products. These technologies have already created jobs and will continue to do so in the future.

At TAFE NSW environmental sustainability is a way of thinking and doing that we embed in all aspects of what we do. On our environment page you can read more about our commitment to achieving sustainable education and practices.

Sustainability and green skills courses

We offer industry recognised training in green skills and sustainability. Using the link below you can browse our range of courses or please contact us on 131 674 to discuss your training needs.

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Business and home sustainability assessment

There is an expected growth in the new area of sustainability due to the increasing community concern about climate change, the rising cost of energy as well as the building energy rating reporting required of commercial and residential property owners prior to sale and lease.

TAFE NSW Northern Sydney offers the two new nationally accredited Certificate IV courses in Business Sustainability Assessment and Home Sustainability Assessment and will be offering training in residential building mandatory reporting.

Careers include:

business sustainability assessor | building retrofitter | energy rating auditor | facility manager | home sustainability assessor | property manager | sustainability officer

Energy efficiency and carbon management

The ability to account for carbon emissions and to enable energy efficiencies is becoming vital for organisations across all industry sectors. Carbon accounting provides skills in identifying, calculating and quantifying workplace carbon emissions, and preparing and interpreting carbon reports for management purposes.

We offer a course in carbon accounting licensed through Swinburne University as well as training in energy efficiency and energy auditing.

Careers include:

carbon accountant | carbon emmission auditor | carbon trading officer | energy auditor | energy efficiency technical advisor | fleet manager | HVAC technician | hybrid vehicle technician

Environmental management and sustainability

The green ripple effect is running through supply chains so as one organisation goes green they are demanding their suppliers provide their green credentials.

We offer courses in applied environmental management, environmental auditing, local government (health and environment) and policy procedures and practices for sustainability. We also offers customised training in implementing an environmental management system (EMS) towards ISO 14001.

Careers include:

environmental auditor | environmental consultant | environmental health & safety officer | environmental impact assessor | environmental manager | environmental officer | waste education officer | sustainability officer

Conservation, land management and urban horticulture

NSI has specialised capability in conservation and urban horticulture with training offered in conservation and land management; marine and coastal conservation; biodiversity and bushcare.

We offer courses in horticulture including arboriculture, wholesale nursery, landscape construction and design, parks and gardens, turf management, irrigation and permaculture.

Careers include:

arborist | biodiversity officer | bush regenerator | conservation officer | geographical information systems (GIS) officer | irrigator | landscape design & construction | marine assistant | permaculture designer

Renewable energy technology and urban planning

TAFE NSW Northern Sydney we offer training in grid connected solar photo voltaics and has partnered with the Institute of Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney, to develop a course in small wind site assessment. Australia’s existing buildings contributes around 23% to the national carbon footprint and there is an opportunity to achieve carbon reductions through retrofits and green building design.

We deliver green skills training in architectural technology, building studies, surveying, plumbing, carpentry, and construction and will soon be offering local government (planning).

Careers include:

architect | building retrofitter | gas installer | green builder | green plumber | project manager | renewable energy installer | renewable energy systems designer | small wind site assessor | sustainability transport officer | town planner

Sustainable work practices

There are key industry areas that can contribute to economic sustainable development. This needs leadership for change and best practice in sustainability.

We offer industry specific training in workplace policies, procedures and practices for sustainability. The award winning online “Green with ENVe” program can be customised for any industry such as local councils and the construction and manufacturing industries.

Careers include:

architect | builder | business manager | electrician | engineer | event manager | manufacturer | marketing manager | mining personnel | plumber | procurement officer | product designer | retail manager | distribution manager | tour guide