Rights and responsibilities

TAFE NSW students have rights and responsibilities which they need to be aware of. When you begin a TAFE NSW course you will be advised of these, and you will be provided with a student guide that provides further information.

For more information:  TAFE NSW policies

Student rights

As a student at the TAFE NSW, Northern Sydney you have a right to:

  • be treated fairly and with respect and courtesy
  • learn in an environment free of discrimination and harassment
  • learn in a supportive and safe environment
  • have access to counselling
  • have personal records kept private, subject to statutory requirements
  • be given information about assessment procedures at the beginning of the subject
  • make a complaint to any staff member without fear of victimisation
  • receive feedback on your progress

Student responsibilities

As a student at NSI, you have a responsibility to:

  • treat other people with respect and fairness
  • do all assessment tasks and examinations honestly
  • do all assessment tasks by the due date or ask for an extension if there are exceptional circumstances
  • return or renew library resources on time
  • follow normal safety practices (e.g. wear approved clothing and protective equipment and follow directions both written and verbal given by all TAFE NSW staff)

NSI students have a responsibility not to:

  • damage or steal property
  • enter onto TAFE NSW locations with drugs, alcohol, weapons or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • do anything that could offend, embarrass or threaten others
  • disrupt classes or use mobile phones or pagers in the classroom
  • swear in classrooms and other learning areas
  • smoke in buildings or on the grounds
  • eat, drink or smoke in the classrooms

Disciplinary action may be taken against any student who breaches the TAFE Commission regulations.

Read our Student Welcome Pack 2017 for more information on student rights and responsibilities, including:

  • Alcohol and other drug use
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Complaints policy
  • Emergencies and evacuations
  • TAFE environmental commitment
  • Harassment
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Protective clothing
  • Protection of children and young people
  • Student privacy and personal information protection
  • Student responsibilities in the workplace

For information about TAFE NSW policies including discipline & behaviour, student records and consumer protection see the TAFE NSW Policies