Student association

TAFE NSW Student Associations support your life as a student. The Student Association organises events, programs, services and facilities and cultural and physical development on
campus to complement your study experience.

The association is a non-profit organisation which receives its income from membership fees and commercial operations. Membership is open to all students and staff for a small annual fee.

Our services include:

  • social, cultural and sporting activities
  • clubs and societies
  • discounts (including discounts on parking, books, stationery and printing)
  • discounts external (on movie tickets and in many major stores)
  • facilities and services (including student lounges and sporting equipment)
  • events and competitions (such as TAFE active, Band comp and U film)
  • skill development opportunities.

Further information

Bradfield Senior College
Building A
Telephone: (02) 9942 0493

Association Retail Centre Building A, Room G.1.04
Telephone: (02) 9472 1573

Assocation Office, Building P, Ground Floor
Telephone: (02) 9942 3703 or (02) 9942 3701

St Leonards
Building B, Basement (next to the cafeteria)
Telephone: + 61 2 9942 0035

Northern Beaches
Association Retail Centre, Building M, Ground Floor
Telephone: + 61 2 9941 5335

Telephone: + 61 2 9448 6244