Selected Study Programs

Courses to suit your needs

If you find that a ready-made course doesn't suit you, you can undertake a selected study program. This is a personal plan of study made up of specific units of competency that suit your career path, education goals or personal interests.

You can choose one or more units of competency from completely different fields of study. Your selected study program can consist of one unit of competency or a combination of units of competency from different courses.

  • Always seek advice from one of our course information officers, or a TAFE NSW, Northern Sydney counsellor about the availability of units of competency or modules, and the structure of your study program.
  • To help with time management, be sure to take note of the hours listed for each unit of competency (bear in mind that these are 'classroom' hours only).
  • To enrol in each unit of competency you must meet any prerequisites.

What you will receive?

At the end of your selected study program you will receive a statement listing the units of competency you have achieved.

If, after completing your selected study program, you decide to enrol in another TAFE qualification, you may be given advanced standing for what you have successfully completed. This means that you may be able to use your selected study program as credit towards completing further study.