Course expectations

Student assessment

Students undertaking courses have subjects assessed by either class mark and internal examination held in class time and/or externally supervised examination. When you begin your studies you will be given detailed information about how you will be assessed and how your results will be recorded and reported.

You will find details of dates and times of externally set examinations on our notice boards prior to examination periods. Students who fail a subject on two occasions may be asked to justify to the campus manager (learning coordinator at Bradfield Senior College) their continued enrolment in the subject. Your head teacher or teacher can provide further information concerning assessments.

For international students, there is an exception to the requirements for full-time study and repeat of units. Part-time study is permitted where, to complete a course, you need to repeat one or more failed units. This is applicable to the last semester of your course, where you are taking extra units to complete the course (i.e. usually units which you have failed previously). In these circumstances the units may be repeated only once. You may repeat a unit of study more than once only if you are enrolled in a full-time load. Part-time enrolment in order to repeat a unit mid course is not permitted.

Student obligations

TAFE NSW aims to provide you with the opportunity to study, learn and develop skills in a safe and supportive environment. When you sign your enrolment form, you agree to follow the instructions and rules - details are available at our libraries and at the location at which you enrol.

Your location will also provide you with information and procedures relating to examinations, and course assessments and results. You may be penalised if you disrupt your class, harass other students or teachers, damage property, cheat in examinations or otherwise act in a way contrary to the good conduct of the Institute. You can appeal against certain penalties and your penalty might then be reduced, removed, or increased.

When the student declaration section of your online enrolment or enrolment form has been approved by you, you are agreeing to abide by the instructions and regulations, declaring that the information you have provided is true and correct.

For more information on course expectations and student rights and responsibilities download the 2018 Student Guide.