Who can apply for recognition?

You can apply for recognition towards your TAFE NSW qualification if:

  • you have completed previous study at TAFE NSW
  • you have completed other study in Australia
  • you have skills and qualifications gained overseas
  • you have relevant work and life experience.

Previous study at TAFE NSW

You can get credit for a TAFE NSW unit you have already completed in another TAFE NSW qualification, provided that the unit has the same or similar content and learning outcomes.

Other study in Australia

TAFE NSW recognises that certain courses from other education and training providers are equivalent to its own qualifications or units within its courses.

Universities, NSW schools, adult and community education (ACE) campuses and some private education and training providers have credit transfer arrangements with TAFE NSW.

If you have successfully completed previous training at TAFE or another registered training organisation that has the same or similar content and learning outcomes as a unit in the qualification you are undertaking, you should apply for credit transfer.

Skills and qualifications gained overseas

If you have overseas qualifications in a field of study the same as or related to your TAFE NSW qualification, we will carefully consider whether these qualifications can be used to satisfy the entry requirements for a TAFE NSW course or to obtain advanced standing in that course.

Relevant work and life experience

If you have gained skills relevant to your qualification in your part-time, full-time or casual job, we may recognise those skills. You may also gain recognition for work experience completed as part of previous training.

You may have gained skills through community or volunteer work, sports team management, domestic responsibilities or even your hobbies and leisure activities. These skills may be recognised if they are considered relevant.

If you can answer yes to all the following questions you should apply for recognition of prior learning:

  • have I done this recently and do I remember it thoroughly?
  • have I practised it enough to be confident?
  • can I describe how I do this?
  • do I have any documentation to support my claim?
  • could I demonstrate this to someone else?