How to apply for recognition

It is best to apply for recognition before your course or unit begins, or as soon as possible after you start your classes. You must attend classes for all of the competencies for which you are enrolled until you have been formally advised in writing that credit has been granted.

Step 1

Contact our customer service team to obtain more information about the recognition process. In most cases they will also advise you to speak to the relevant head teacher or a TAFE NSW assessor to discuss the recognition process and to identify the evidence you need to submit.

Step 2

You will need to evaluate your existing skills, knowledge and experience against the assessment requirements for your chosen qualification(s). Obtain evidence to support your application (e.g. letters of validation from your employer, past academic results). Overseas qualifications will need to be assessed and may need to be translated.

Step 3

Submit your recognition application and evidence portfolio to the head teacher or TAFE NSW assessor, who will assess the evidence that you have provided. At this stage you may be required to attend an interview to provide extra information to assist in the assessment of your eligibility.
Evidence portfolio (MS Word 256KB)
Evidence portfolio (PDF 436KB)

Step 4

You will be notified by student administration of the outcome of your application. You will be sent a current transcript with the recognition you have been granted. If you are not successful in receiving the level of recognition that you applied for, please discuss the assessment with your head teacher, who will advise you of your options.