Languages and Communication

Good language and communication skills are vital to the well-being of every Australian as they improve engagement both socially and in the workplace and can create opportunities for exciting career choices.

If English is not your first language then we can help you to improve your English and open up pathways to more rewarding job roles and social interaction. The Northern Sydney Institute offers English language courses for all levels and purposes.

Or, if you are bilingual, we can set you on the road to an interesting and satisfying career in interpreting or translating with professional Diploma level qualifications in both fields.

A look at the facts...

  • Interpreters and translators are part of a very small occupation group but employment is expected to grow strongly over the next ten years.
  • Translation and interpreting work can be found in courts, hospitals, schools, government departments and corporate multinationals.
  • Freelance interpreters can charge up to $100+ hourly rate and translators up to $45 for 100 words.

(Source: “T&L Labour Market in Australia” Scheherazade Rogers, Macquarie University)

A career in languages and communication

Possible job roles include:

  • foreign affairs officer
  • interpreter
  • translator
  • deaf interpreter/signer
  • bilingual aide
  • media assistant
  • publicity officer
  • tour guide
  • writer
  • languages tutor
  • journalist

Study and career pathways

There is more than one pathway to a successful career, and it may not always be in a straight line.

Our Counselling and Career Services will give you some idea of how the different qualifications fit together and what they mean in the industry.