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The manufacturing and engineering industry is the second largest employer in Australia, with a workforce of over a million people, and it's growing.

Mechanical engineering is an extremely diverse field covering the design, development, manufacture, assembly, installation, operation and maintenance of all types of mechanical and robotic components, motor vehicles, aircraft, ships and propulsion and power plants.

The industry has been revolutionised in the last decade, with advancements in computer aided manufacturing technology and 3D printing of intricate componentry.

We have some of the country's most respected training available to budding engineers, nationally accredited qualifications and industry specialist courses using the latest in Computer Numerical Control machinery.

A look at the facts...

  • The manufacturing and engineering industry is amongst the top 20 paying industries.
  • Unemployment for industrial, mechanical and production engineers is low.


A career in engineering

Possible job roles include:

  • apprentice fitter and machinist
  • CNC (computer number control)specialist
  • fitter and turner
  • fluid power specialist
  • gunsmith
  • mechanical engineering technician
  • metal machinist
  • process worker
  • production worker
  • toolmaker
  • welder

Study and career pathways

There is more than one pathway to a successful career, and it may not always be in a straight line.

Our Counselling and Career Services will give you some idea of how the different qualifications fit together and what they mean in the industry.