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It is a basic truth that people will always need homes and businesses will always need offices. Along with shops, restaurants, schools, hospitals – the list is huge. And somebody has to build, plumb, maintain and renovate them.

Whether you work in the domestic or corporate sector, you have a sought after set of skills that are transportable both across Australia and internationally.

We offer a widely recognised range of courses for the building and construction industries - from communication and basic construction skills to building or plumbing regulation coursework and management training.

A look at the facts...

  • Construction is the third largest employment industry in Australia, with jobs in this sector predicted to reach 1.09 million in 352,500 locations by 2019.
  • In 2013, skilled trades in construction ranked first in the Manpower Australia list of jobs most in demand for the second year in a row.
  • The median weekly earnings for building and construction managers is over $1,500 and above the national average.

 (Source: IBIS World;;

A career in building and plumbing

Possible job roles include:

  • air conditioning technician
  • architectural drafter
  • builder
  • building designer
  • carpenter
  • joiner
  • construction assistant
  • construction manager
  • fire services supervisor
  • foreman plumber
  • gasfitter
  • hydraulic design consultant
  • hydraulic designer
  • plumber
  • drainer
  • roof plumber
  • security system installer

Study and career pathways

There is more than one pathway to a successful career, and it may not always be in a straight line.

Our Counselling and Career Services will give you some idea of how the different qualifications fit together and what they mean in the industry.


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