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Australians are passionate about their cars. There are over 17 million cars and motorcycles registered in Australia. And they all need to be serviced and repaired.

The automotive industry is on the road to a greener future and technological innovation will be a key feature as cars evolve to meet the needs of a low carbon economy.

The demand for highly skilled technicians in all areas of the industry will grow as the government subsidises the long anticipated green-car revolution.

We have all the accredited coursework you’ll need to build a successful career as an in-demand mechanic or by the race track.

A look at the facts...

  • The Australian automotive industry turns over more than $170 billion in revenue annually.
  • Over the five years to November 2017, the number of job openings for motor mechanics is expected to be high (greater than 50,000).
  • Hybrid cars will be great contenders to lead the green revolution over the next five years.

(Source IBIS World; joboutlook.gov.au; ABS)

A career in the automotive industry

Possible job roles include:

  • automotive workshop supervisor
  • automotive technician
  • motor mechanic
  • automotive electrician
  • automotive service mechanic
  • panel beater
  • automotive body repairer
  • automotive electrician
  • automotive body painter
  • automotive air conditioner specialist
  • motorsports mechanic

Study and career pathways

There is more than one pathway to a successful career, and it may not always be in a straight line.

Our Counselling and Career Services will give you some idea of how the different qualifications fit together and what they mean in the industry.


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