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There is a diverse range of occupations within the art and design industry, including art curator, professional photographer, painter, sculptor, ceramicist and graphic or digital designer.

Many artists work for themselves in their own studio or shared spaces, while others work in fields such as advertising, marketing, animation and games design.

This industry is suitable for those who have artistic ability, creativity and self-discipline.

A look at the facts...

  • Employment for graphic designers and illustrators to November 2018 is expected to grow very strongly. Employment in this very large occupation rose strongly in the past five years.
  • Australia has a strong community of artists who are internationally recognised.
  • Australia regularly hosts exhibitions of local and international artists. Australia’s museums hold an estimated 54.9 million artworks and objects displaying a wide variety of genres and representing thousands of domestic and international artists.
  • Creative training is also valued outside the core arts sector: 20% of visual artists apply their artistic skills in creative industries such as advertising, design and architecture, and 20% apply their artistic skills in non-cultural sectors such as health.


A career in art and design

Possible job roles include:

  • curator
  • digital artist
  • digital designer
  • artist
  • gallery director
  • graphic designer
  • multi-media designer
  • illustrator
  • painter
  • photographer
  • visual arts and craft professional

Study and career pathways

There is more than one pathway to a successful career, and it may not always be in a straight line.

Our Counselling and Career Services will give you some idea of how the different qualifications fit together and what they mean in the industry.