Career and learning pathways

Whether you are thinking about your first job, a promotion, a career change or gaining extra knowledge and skills, there is more than one pathway to achieve your goals.

Taking a little time to plan your career goals can help you take the next step and find the best pathway for you.

Northern Sydney Institute qualifications link with each other to give you a range of learning pathways between schools, TAFE and university as your career progresses.

What does a career mean today?

It's more than just a job! Your career includes everything you do in your life, including what you learn through:

  • your education and training
  • your voluntary and paid work experiences
  • leisure activities such as sports and hobbies
  • life experiences such as parenting and community activities.

In fact, all your experiences add to your career. Your career is unique and develops throughout your life.

While planning and developing your career is something you need to actively manage, NSI can help you along the way.

Career development

Career development requires life-long learning to gain the skills and knowledge you need in the dynamic and rapidly changing world of work.

So, your next step is to do some career planning.