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Customer Service Charter

At TAFE NSW Northern Sydney we unlock the potential of individuals and enterprises through inspiring learning and by providing amazing customer experiences. We provide education and training programs that are closely linked to industry and cater for different learning preferences - from classroom to fully online.

Our Customer Service Charter sets out our commitment to providing premium learning experiences and not just learning outcomes. It outlines the high standards of professional service you should expect from us, how to contact us and finally how to give us feedback.

Our promise to you

Willingness to help

  • We will actively listen to you during our conversations
  • We will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on courses, future pathways and careers
  • We will help you explore your options to study with us
  • We will be friendly and professional in all transactions

Follow up and initiative

  • We will respond to you promptly
  • We will take initiative to ensure that your enquiry is followed through

Simple and convenient

  • We are straightforward and convenient to do business with, in person, online or over the phone
  • We will ensure key milestones such as enrolment periods, orientation days and graduation ceremonies are professional and rewarding

Amazing learning experience

  • We will engage with our industry networks to support you in your journey with us and will provide you with the latest insights, skills and requirements for entering the workforce
  • We will engage in quality conversations to explore your career options, aspirations and dreams

Download our Customer Service Charter (PDF 538KB)