Learning centres

Free learner support and workshops are available to all students studying at the Northern Sydney Institute, including assistance with languages, literacy and numeracy, communication, computing or subject-specific support.

Our workshops can help you develop skills such as essay writing, referencing, Microsoft Excel, communication, presenting using Microsoft PowerPoint, how to use your smart device and job seeking skills.


You will also have access to online training resources such as Basic Key Skills Builder (BKSB) and Lynda.com.


This learning support is provided through your campus Learning Centre and is available for individuals or small groups.

Bradfield Senior College
Building A, Ground Floor, Room AG.07A
Telephone: (02) 9942 0346

St. Leonards Campus (including students for Crows Nest Campus)
Building P, Level 4, Room P4.35
Phone: (02) 9942 0742

Hornsby Campus
Building A, Level 2, Room A2.07
Phone: (02) 9472 1294

Meadowbank Campus
Building P, Level 2, Room P2.01
Phone: (02) 9942 3786

Northern Beaches Campus
Building M, Level 2, Library
Phone: (02) 9941 5275

Ryde Campus
Building H, Level 2, Room H2.6
Phone: (02) 9448 6660