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This Northern Sydney Institute Libraries online subject guide provides links to information available on the web. Some of these resources require your DEC username and password for access. If you don’t know your DEC username and password contact your Campus Student Administration, your teacher or your library.

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Subject web links


Associations & organisations

Energy Networks Association (ENA)

Australia's energy infrastructure advisory body.

Independent Contractors Australia (ICA)

Australian organisation representing the interests and rights of independent contractors.

Lighting Council Australia

Peak body for Australia's lighting industry.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NSW section)

National Electrical and Communications Association

Australian organisation representing electrical and communications contractors in their dealings with government and industry.



CSIRO - electronics document search

A wealth of tutorials, research papers and new technologies under this search term.      

In your electrical toolbox
The tools you need listed by apprenticepower.

Williams Labs free media

Free video tutorials in electronics

Electrical and electronics

TAFE Studylinks


Workplace skills monitoring tool


Government information

Australian apprenticeships

Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC)

Organisation which coordinates interaction of the technical and safety electrical regulatory authorities in Australia and New Zealand.

Industry and Investment NSW - Energy

Access point for services and information about sustainable, competitive development, including energy and water.

Australian Government - Fair Work Online

Workplace awards information

Office of Fair Trading (NSW)

Advises businesses and traders on fair and ethical practices and provides valuable information for electricians and on product safety e.g. electrical safety and installing solar panels.


Legislation and statistics

Austlii - Australasian Legal Information Institute

Provides free access to Australian legislation.


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Information technology

Project management

Small business

   eBooks, eJournals & other eResources



Free eJournals

For the entire list of free journals go to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) which provides access to over 100 free online journals on technology and engineering.



Click the link of one of the selected journals or databases. Log in using your DEC username and password.


Business Source Complete

Computers and Applied Sciences Complete

Gale Databases

Login to Gale databases or to one of the examples using your DEC username and password.


Click the link to ProQuest or one of the selected journals. Log in using your DEC username and password.



Log in to eBooks on EBSCOhost or one of the examples using your DEC username and password.


Training toolboxes

Electrotech toolbox

Flexible learning toolbox - electrotechnology (sustainable energy)

Training packages which contain tutorials, quizzes and resources for your course. Log in using your DEC username and password. You can view or download these resources. CD-ROMS of the packages may be available at your TAFE library.


Standards and rules

Australian Standards Online Subscription Service

This library subscription service to Australian Standards Online provides TAFE NSW students access to over 6,500 full-text Australian standards. Log in using your DEC username and password to obtain a PDF copy of the relevant standard.

It is a Condition of Use of this service that all use of Australian Standards must be in accordance with the licencing requirements specified by SAI Global. Please note that electronic copies of downloaded standards expire after 5 days.

Australian Standards Online

Selected Standards:

  • AS/NZS 3000:2007 (Incorparating Amdt 1 & 2) Electrical installations (Wiring rules) - Frequently asked questions and application
  • AS/NZS 3008.1.1:2009 (Incorporating Amdt 1) Electrical installations - Selection of cables - Cables for alternating voltages up to and including 0.6/1 kV - Typical Australian installation conditions
  • AS/NZS 5033:2012 (Incorporating Amdt 1 & 2) Installation of photovoltaic (PV) arrays


Service and installation rules for NSW

NSW Government Trade and Investment provide the Service and installation rules for NSW as well as the Code of Practice - Service and Installation Rules for NSW.


Online videos


Login to vLearn via Equella or the listed videos using your DEC username and password.


   Databases covering electrotechnology subjects

Here is a selection of subject specific databases provided. For the full list of general databases and regarding instructions go to the eResources Portal.

Name Description Access


Provides an A to Z listing, and the ability to search, for eJournal titles that are available from our eJournal database providers EBSCOhost, Gale and ProQuest.

To view the entire list of databases included, see the Databases A-Z tab within the eJournal A-Z product. eJournal titles can be accessed by clicking the link of the available database provider listed under the title.

No authentication is required to access the index. You will need your DEC username and password when accessing journal titles.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website. Includes statistics and some analysis of information from the National Census and other sources. Allows for the creation of local area profiles. http://www.abs.gov.au/

Freely available

Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre - EBSCO's searchable database provides full text, and index access to many local and international magazines, newspapers and reference books. Most general subjects are covered, including electrotechnology.

DEC username and password required.

This subscription service provides NSI students and staff with access to over 6,500 full-text Australian Standards (conditions apply). Please note: Downloaded standards expire after 5 days. This service is provided only for course-related research and private study by current NSI students and staff. Use of the service indicates that users agree to adhere to the SAI Global Terms and Conditions for usage.


Only for NSI students & staff.

DEC username and password required.

Please Log off as soon as you're finished to free up licences for other users.


BCA Illustrated

Building Code of Australia


BCA Illustrated is an online version of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) but also includes explanations and over 3000 illustrations. It contains both Volumes 1 and 2, and is updated frequently including the most current Building Code of Australia data from the ABCB (May of each year).

Only for NSI students & staff.

DEC username and password required.

Hard copies of the BCA are available at Hornsby, Meadowbank, St Leonards, Northern Beaches & Ryde.

Environment Complete offers deep coverage in areas of energy, renewable energy sources, natural resources, environmental technology, environmental law and more. The database contains full text for more than 680 journals and 120 monographs.

DEC username and password required.

This multi-disciplinary database provides more than 1,750 general reference publications with full text information. Covers virtually every subject area of general interest. It also includes nearly 500 full text reference books.

DEC username and password required.




Student Portal


Staff Portal

Contains over 1,500 high quality online courses teaching creative and business skills on about 1,600 subject areas such as MS Office, Adobe programs, digital media, social media, web development, programming, design, smart phones, tablets and computers. These comprehensive courses are available in all levels from beginners to advanced.

Only for NSI students & staff.

NSI Students: log in to the Student Portal with DEC username and password. Then go to the My Learning tab and click "More" option.

NSI Staff: log in to the Staff Portal with DEC username and password and click the "My training" tab.


ProQuest Central provides access to a set of databases containing more than 125 billion digital pages covering arts, literature, social science, general reference, business, science, technology, and medicine. ProQuest includes the world's largest digital newspaper archive including ANZ Newsstand and periodical databases comprising the output of more than 9,000 titles.

DEC username and password required.

vLearn via Equella

150 vLearn videos are now available via Equella.
Subject areas covered are business, career development, hospitality & food services, anatomy, beauty services, child studies, customer service, English language, health & safety, history, HRM, nursing, nutrition, sport & recreation, tourism and more.

Only for NSI students & staff.

DEC username and password required.



   Library catalogue

The NSW TAFE Library catalogue lists all the resources held in NSW TAFE libraries. You can search by keyword, author, title and subject and also limit searches to specific types of materials and specific college libraries. The catalogue has links to, and the addresses and contact details of, all individual NSW TAFE Libraries.

Subject headings

Catalogue links to some electrotechnology subjects and availability through NSI Libraries are listed below. Please note: the search results are limited to items available in NSI Libraries. Do a new search if you want to find items held by your local library or to get results for all TAFE NSW Libraries.


Computers -- maintenance and construction

Electricity -- safety measures


Electrical engineering

Electrical injuries -- prevention


Electric circuits

Solar energy


Electric wiring

Solder and soldering





Electronic systems






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