TAFENSW wireless network banner

The TAFENSW wireless service may be used to access the internet at any of our locations. Connect to the wireless network using your TAFE Portal username and password (i.e. Firstname.Lastname1).

Please choose your device /operating system and follow the instructions to connect to the 'TAFENSW' Wi-Fi Network

Library and InfoPoint staff may be able to assist you to connect.

Please note that due to your device’s age, settings and complexities, it may not be possible to connect to the network

Apple OS X Laptop

Apple OS X laptop - Instructions
Apple OS X laptop - Instructions - Video

Apple iPad

iOS (iPad & iPhone) - Instructions
Apple OS X laptop - Instructions - Video


Android - Instructions
Android - Instructions - Video

Windows 7

Windows 7 - Instructions
Windows 7 - Instructions - Video

Windows 10

Windows 10 - Instructions
Windows 10 - Instructions - Video