Programs for women

Women’s Strategy Unit

The Northern Sydney Institute is committed to furthering access, participation and outcomes for women in vocational education and training. Our Women’s Strategy Unit delivers a range of programs that support women to build new skills, expand their career choices and achieve successful employment outcomes.

New South Wales Women’s Plan

Women’s programs at NSI

Work Opportunities for Women (WOW)

WOW assists women who are entering the workforce for the first time or re-entering employment or study after many years. Students focus on the development of communication skills along with skills and knowledge to access employment and further education. WOW is delivered as an outreach program.

Career Education and Employment for Women (CEEW)

CEEW aims to help women develop new skills to enhance study, job and career options. The CEEW program is offered at Hornsby campus. Students can gain the Certificate II in Skills for Work and Training.

Work Wise Women

Work Wise Women’s initiative aims to increase women’s’ participation in information technology and address the barriers to this growing industry where participation by men is considerably higher. Northern Beaches campus delivers this program. Students study units from Certificate III in Information Technology (Support) and some continue on to gain the full qualification.

Digi-Girls programs

Digi-Girls programs for high school students

NSI delivers a specialist program called Digi-Girls to female students from high schools across the northern region of Sydney. The program allows school students from Year 9 to 12 develop new IT-related skills, which may lead them to consider IT as a future career option.

A variety of Digi-Girls programs help students gain technical skills in web design, multimedia, network engineering, robotics, airbrushing, graphic design, animation and film and television.

Digi-Girls programs for women

These Digi-Girls programs have been developed to support women who are starting or managing home based business or micro businesses.

Participants learn about web-based technologies that are commonly used in today’s business environment. Programs offered include DIY Websites, Marketing with the Web and Researching your Market.

NSI also partners with local councils and organisations to offer short courses such as Technology Skills for the Home and Business.

Our programs are hands on and designed to fit around business and family responsibilities.

Further information

For information about programs for women and support services contact:

Heather Sullivan on (02) 9942 0140 or email