About us

Why study with us?

The Northern Sydney Institute, part of TAFE NSW is recognised as a leader in vocational education and training in Australia. Our campuses are conveniently located across the northern metropolitan region of Sydney and have some of the finest learning facilities and specialist training centres in New South Wales.

Government owned and operated

As part of TAFE NSW, we are government-owned, government-operated and government-accredited, and therefore we are safe, secure, professionally managed and internationally recognised.

Award-winning Institute

Our students and staff consistently win awards and accolades, both in Australia and overseas. The Northern Sydney Institute plays an important role in a number of national and international training initiatives and peak bodies.

Strong support services

The International Student Coordinator at each of our six campus locations and the International Student Services staff support you throughout your educational journey at the Northern Sydney Institute.

Nationality mix

Students from more than 55 countries choose the Northern Sydney Institute as their preferred study provider. This means you will not only get to meet and study with Australians, but also students from other countries. The Northern Sydney Institute is a great place to make new friends and establish international networks.

Meeting student and employer needs

Nationally recognised qualifications offered by the Northern Sydney Institute are developed in consultation with industry. When you graduate with a qualification from us, you gain the skills and knowledge you need for a career. Employers are confident that you can perform tasks at a required industry standard.

Expert teachers

Our teachers are from the industry, and they are experts in their profession. They inspire our international students towards greatness. The passion and commitment of our teachers positively impacts the lives of our international students.

We provide pathways to Degrees

The Northern Sydney Institute’s Degrees and Diploma-to-Degree (D2D) programs guarantee successful students entry to our Australian partner universities with credit towards a Bachelor degree.

The Northern Sydney Institute is a leader in sustainability

The Northern Sydney Institute is acknowledged as a national leader in sustainability skills training. Environmentally based units are included in most of our core programs, regardless of subject area. In order to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability all the Northern Sydney Institute staff respect the environment.