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Study tours and internships

Study tours

Study tours have been in place at the Northern Sydney Institute for a number of years. They give students and staff from various educational and government organisations travelling to Sydney the opportunity to learn English and to take part in VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses. Our study tours cover an extensive range of vocational subjects, to suit a wide range of clients. The combination of vocational classes and English language are very popular and can include extra or specific topics.

After completing the Study Tour program at the Northern Sydney Institute, many students decide to stay on or return to Australia as full-time international students.

Our study tours are designed to:

  • meet the required student/client outcomes and are developed in consultation with the client
  • include relevant language classes, vocational classes and work experience if required
  • include skill areas relevant to the client/student
  • include cultural and tourist sites of interest


Internships are designed to meet the emerging needs of students, graduates and industry clients who want to:

  • experience the workplace in Australia
  • understand more about the workplace ethics and work culture in Australia
  • gain industry insight and “hands-on” experience.

The Northern Sydney Institute has excellent industry connections and can provide relevant practical industry based skill training. Being part of an internship program provides students an opportunity to network with industry and establish useful contacts for the future. Students also gain international work experience during the internship program, giving them a competitive edge when seeking full-time paid employment in their home country.

Our internships include:

  • practical language skills used in the industry/workplace
  • focused vocational training modules in the required industry/skills sets
  • unpaid work placement/industry experience (some industry field can include paid work experience).

All our programs are fully customised. We work with your organisation to ensure the needs of your students or clients are met. This means we develop a proposal, including a quote and program schedule specifically for you. A range of additional services can be offered if required, including airport transfers and accommodation.

Please contact us to arrange your personalised proposal.