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Enrolment and registration

For many courses you can enrol, apply or register your interest online. See enrolling and registering for more information.

If online enrolment is not available for your course, or you would prefer to speak to someone in person, you can visit one of our locations. Our customer service teams will be able to answer your questions and assist you with the enrolment process.

To find out more about Information Sessions available at our locations call us on 131 674 or check the course page.

TAFE NSW student calendar

Not applicable to NSI Plus courses

November & December 2016
27 November Sunday Semester Two, Term Four ends
28 November - 11 December Monday to Sunday Student administration and consultation
12 December - 29 January Monday to Sunday Summer vacation


January 2017
30 January Monday Semester One, Term One begins
April 2017
10 April - 23 April Monday to Sunday Autumn vacation
24 April Monday Semester One, Term Two begins
June 2017
18 June Sunday Semester One, Term Two ends
19 June - 16 July Monday to Sunday Winter vacation
July 2017
17 July Monday Semester Two, Term Three begins
September 2017
25 September - 8 October Monday to Sunday Spring vacation
October 2017
9 October Monday Semester Two, Term Four begins
December 2017
3 December Sunday Semester Two, Term Four ends