457 and 186 Benchmark A and B Visa Contributions

TAFE NSW, Northern Sydney offers employers a dedicated VISA training benchmark contribution service.

If your business is planning to employ 457 Visa workers in Australia you’ll need to meet your compulsory Training Benchmark obligations or risk the cancellation of your 457 sponsorship.

TAFE NSW, Northern Sydney offers 457 Visa Training Benchmarks A and B solutions to businesses nationally including:

  • industry training fund scholarships contributions
  • workforce customised training solutions
  • professional development short course programs
  • online courses.

About Training Benchmarks

Training Benchmark A - is a simple solution which allows you to pay 2% of payroll to an Approved Training Fund or Industry Training Fund.

Use this option if your business:

  • operates in Australia but does not employ any Australian citizens or permanent residents
  • has been trading for over 12 months and we offer training in your specific industry area.

Training Benchmark B – allows you to spend 1% of payroll on training your Australian citizen and permanent employees.

Use this option if your business:

  • employs Australian citizens and permanent residents
  • has been trading for over 12 months and
  • we offer training in your specific industry area.

Making a training benchmark payment

Your Visa Training Benchmark contributions (A and B) can be made online through our payment portal. This secure online site is hosted by Westpac and is at no extra charge to you.

You can make payments of up to $100,000 through this portal.

For alternative payment arrangements such as BPAY or cheque please contact us directly.

Cancellations and refunds

If you wish to cancel your payment please email us (with your payment receipt attached) within 24 hours of your payment. The charge will be reversed at no cost.

Training Benchmark payments are NOT refundable, in accordance with Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIPB) policy.

How you can use Training Benchmark B

Our training solutions are tailored to suit the needs of your business, focusing on adding value to your bottom line by improving workplace productivity, retention and staff motivation.

Our Business Capability Specialists will work with you to establish an auditable training plan (if required) to report on relevance of training for the business. This may be crucial for the success of the sponsorship obligation and on-going compliance under Training Benchmark B.

Whether you are a NSW based or interstate business sponsor we have a range of solutions you can choose from including:

How Training Benchmark B works

You simply need to:

  • make your payment and receive your confirmation and receipt within 24 hours or contact us directly to set up your preferred payment method
  • review the types of programs we offer and consider which solution might work for your business.

Our team will:

  • contact you to discuss your training options
  • if needed, we will work with you to create an auditable training plan
  • schedule training and start the program delivery.

Further information

Download the documents below for more information about the program:

Or you can contact our Training Benchmark team on:

Phone: (02) 9942 3563

Email: nsi.457visa@tafensw.edu.au